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2 Hour Mediumship and Psychic Readings by Phone !!

$170.00 $185.00

If you are looking to Contact someone who has Passed and Crossed over to the Spirit World, This would be the Reading you are looking for..!! Our Loved Ones are always near us, and you may or may not feel them or Understand the Signs of how they are trying to get your Attention. Sometimes its through a Dream, or a Smell or Pennies from Heaven, etc....!!! With this Reading, you will get a Psychic Reading where you can ask Questions about All that is on Your Mind.."Love Life, Career, Moving and etc...!!! Bring or email Pictures, Signatures, Drawings, Writtings, Clothing, Jewelry, etc... if you would like !!! One Very, Very Important thing everyone needs to know, is that there is NO Gaurantee that the Exact Person you hope to Connect with will come through.. Not Always but in some cases, another Deceased Loved one may come through Instead. The One who is Adamit and has the Strongest Need to Give a message may come through First. The Person you are looking for, may or may not come in After, but in my experience, the Person most heavily on your mind will come through ! That's the reason you have the desire to to get in contact with them !! There have been cases when even more arrive...!! I just wanted to be Sure that you Understand that Our Loved One's in Spirit will come to the forefront of importance of their message.. ! So We can get to all your questions, and you will know All that Your Guides and Angels want to convey to You..! All Readings are Encouraged to be Recorded !! Payment Not Required Until Day of Reading !! I will Meditate, call in your Guides and Angels, as well as mine... and deliver to you those message's !!

What area's of Life are you seeking Guidance to !!

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